Top-level dicts with a unique identifier


def entity
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is marker
lib ph




Marker labels a dict with typing information



Microprocessor based hardware device


Microprocessor based device used in a control system


Microprocessor device used to establish networks


Networking device used to route data between different networks


Networking device used to connect devices on the same network


Telephone used for voice telecommunication


Cellular phone providing telecommunication over radio links


General purpose computer


Mobile device with touch screen for user input


Equipment asset


Equipment to move or control a mechanism


Actuator to regulate the flow of air


Actuator to regulate the flow of fluid


HVAC equipment that conditions and delivers air via one or more fans


Air Handling Unit


Dedicated Outside Air System


Makeup Air Unit


Roof Top Unit


Fan Coil Unit


Computer Room Air Conditioner


Unit Ventilator


Heat pump


Equipment in air distribution systems which terminate at the space


Constant air volume terminal unit


Variable air volume terminal unit


Cooling only VAV without fan or reheat


VAV contains a fan with reheat


Equipment used to store electric energy


Equipment to generate hot water or steam for heating


Boiler which outputs hot water


Boiler which outputs steam


Equipment to remove heat from a liquid


Duct, pipe, or cable to convey a substance or phenomenon


Conduit used to convey air for HVAC


Conduit used to convey a fluid


Cabling used to convey electricity or data


Equipment to transfer waste heat into the atmosphere


Ventilation equipment to limit exposure to hazardous fumes


Equipment to transfer heat between two working fluids


Heat exchanger used to heat or cool air


Coil used to cool air


Coil used to heat air


Equipment which adds moisture to air to increase humidity


Light fixture using electricity to provide illumination


Equipment to meter a substance or phenomenon


Electricity meter


AC Electricity meter


DC Electricity meter


Meter to measure flow rate and total volume of fluid


Meter to measure energy transfer via fluid


Equipment that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy


Motor used with a fan to create air flow


Motor used with a pump to move fluid


Motor with variable frequency drive


Enclosure for electrical and control equipment


Panel housing controllers and networking gear


Physical housing for electrical circuits, fuses, and breakers


Central plant used to generate a substance for a process


Plant used to generate chilled water for cooling


Plant used to generate hot water for heating


Plant used to generate steam for heating


Enclosure or chassis used to mount computer and networking gear


HVAC equipment that conditions a space without forced air


Conditions a space using a heat exchanger integrated into the ceiling


Heats a space using pipes or cables embedded beneath floor


Heats a space using exposed pipes or coils


Tank used to store a substance for temporary holding


Senses and controls temperature of space in HVAC system


Equipment to move humans and materials


Enclosure used to move people between floors


Moving staircase used to move people between floors


Conveyor to move people across a horizontal or inclined plane


Logical communications network between two or more devices


Data point such as a sensor or actuator


Point with support to report a "real-time" current value


Historized point with a history log of timestamp/value pairs


Weather station sensor point


Point with writable output using 16-level priority array


Grouping of children points used by spaces and equipment


Entity with logical grouping of zone HVAC air points


Zone related to conditioning of a space's air temperature and quality


Senses and controls temperature of space in HVAC system


Entity with logical grouping lighting points


Zone related to lighting system


Light fixture using electricity to provide illumination


Communication protocol used for devices on a network


ASHRAE building automation and control protocol


Short range wireless communication protocol


Constrained Application Protocol


Digital Addressable Lighting Interface protocol for lighting


File Transfer Protocol


Haystack HTTP protocol for exchanging tagged data


Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is foundation of the web


Internet Message Access Protocol for retreiving email


KNX protocol commonly used for lighting systems


Register based communication protocol used with industrial devices


Message Queuing Telemetry Transport publish/subscribe protocol


XML based Open Building Information eXchange protocol


Post Office Protocol version 3 for retreiving email


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol for sending email


Simple Network Management Protocol for managing IP devices


Sedona Framework UDP based communication protocol


Low power wireless IoT protocol


Low power wireless communication protocol for home automation


Low power wireless communication protocol for home automation


Site is a geographic location of the built environment


Space is a three-dimensional volume in the built environment


Space used to house computer and networking gear


Storey of a building


Floor at ground level


The roof floor is the topmost level of a building


Floor below ground level


Enclosed room of a building


Space associated with a specific system


Zone related to conditioning of a space's air temperature and quality


Zone related to lighting system


Logical weather station and its measurement points



Display name for an entity


Defines the unique identifier of an entity in system using a Ref value type