Documentation in simplified flavor of markdown. The first sentence up to the period is used as the summary.

Specific formatting options:

// inline formatting
*italic*           // italics font
**bold**           // bold font
'code'             // code or API term
`point`            // hyperlink to def (code link)
[text]`point`      // hyperlink with explicit link text
![alt]`image.png`  // image

// unordered list
- one
- two
- three

// ordered list; use numbers or letters
1. one
2. two
3. three

The main difference between markdown is that inline code uses single ticks and hyperlinks are annotated using the backtick. Links may be:

  • absolute http/https URIs
  • def symbol such as "site" or "hot-water"


def doc
doc See above
is str
lib ph
tagOn def



Data value type


Scalar is an atomic value kind


Unicode string of characters